Poulty Barn Staw Spreader

• Spreads straw quickly with less dust up to 19.5′ wide in one pass
• Can accomodate large square bales up to 4′ x 4′ x 8′ and 4′ wide round bales
• Axial spreaders ensure straw is well ventilated and evenly spread


  • Limited maintenance, simple design, low power requirements
  • Quicker and more efficient than hand spreading
  • Axial spreaders ensure uniform placement of straw up to 19.5′ wide
  • Straw is spread virtually dust free without the possibility of ejecting stones ensuring safety for user and animals
  • Well ventilated bedding allows for real savings in straw
  • The picker rollers with retractable fingers pull the compacted straw, which regains all its volume before being spread by the axial discs
  • Versatile machine able to handle large square bales as well as round bales
  • More comfortable livestock translates to higher production and increased profits


  • Draw bar attaches to lower links of Cat. II 3 point hitch for tractor attachment
  • Poultry spreader has lower stance and features protected wheels for extra stability
  • All hydraulic powered, from only one set of remotes, no PTO needed
  • The picker rollers rotate at constant speed while the conveyor forward speed can be adjusted using the manual flow valve
  • Recommended for tractors capable of 8 – 10 gpm hydraulic flow


Length: 5060mm (199 inches), Width: 2030mm (80 inches)
Height: 2130mm (84 inches)