RotoCrusher Deep Super Mulcher

RotoCrusher® D can be used for:

  • Stone and rock crushing.
  • Deep till mulcher.
  • Removal of stumps
  • Road Conditioning Stabilizer.
  • Mix and re-blend gravel roads
  • New dirt road building and re-juvenation.

Blending Fines.

  • Rehabilitation and reclaiming of asphalt and asphalt stripper
  • Full Depth re-claimer.

Combination – Stone Crusher, Wood Mulcher and Deep Tiller.

Shown with optional compacting roller.


Each RotoCrusher® D ships with an extra gearbox which allows you the choice of 340rpm or 600rpm rotor speeds.

Shown with optional hydraulic levelling blade.

Shown with optional hydraulic levelling blade.

Tungsten Carbide ‘BlonXX’

Tungsten Carbide ‘BlonXXTM’ pics arranged in a unique spiral pattern for maximum crushing efficiency.

lkdsj lfajdfk Adjustable grate made of HARDOX® steel is built in to the underside of rear door. Allows operator to determine the size of the finished product.

Maximize farmland by reclaiming rocky, overgrown and previously unusable areas.

Slower rotor speed for rocks and soil.

Slower rotor speed for rocks and soil.

Features & Benefits of the RotoCrusher Super Mulcher D®:

    • Each RotoCrusher Super Mulcher D® ships with an extra Bondioli & Pavesi gearbox which allows you the option of 340rpm or 600rpm rotor speeds. Slower rotor speeds are more effective for crushing rocks. Faster rotor speeds are better for stumps and wood.
    • The RotoCrusher Super Mulcher D® is the ideal machine for opening up new land, removing stumps, crushing stones, removing old orchards or vineyards, mulching up slash from forestry operations, clearing land for pipelines, firebreaks etc.
    • The RotoCrusher Super Mulcher D® can mulch wood and stumps up to 30cm/12″ dia., crush stones up to 25cm/10″ and work everything into the soil to a depth of 20cm/8″ on the first pass, and up to 40cm/16″ deep on the second pass.
    • The rotor consists of Tungsten Carbide ‘BlonXXTM’ pics arranged in a unique spiral pattern that work against a hydraulic adjustable serrated steel ‘grate’ to reduce to mulch virtually any material that it encounters.
    • Options includes a hydraulically controlled full length, curved levelling blade (or roller) / tree guard frame that provides a dual function. When positioned up it acts as a guard frame / tree pusher and when positioned down it functions as a land levelling / compacting roller that also controls the depth the Roto Crusher will work into the ground.
    • RotoCrusher Super Mulcher D® is available in widths from 1.2 m to 2.2 m (3’11” to 7’2″) requiring tractors with 85 hp to 400 hp. CVT tractor recommended.

Built for crushing fixed
rocks, stones, stumps and
forestry use.

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Roto Crusher grinding off frozen layer of soil to prepare for trenching and laying of pipe.

Blonxx Pics

When operating a rock crusher today, the largest cost is the wear parts / consumables. Over the life of the rock crusher you may spend more on wear parts than you did for the whole machine.

Unlike some competing rock crushers that use expensive square carbide hammers originaly designed for forestry mulchers, the Roto Crusher Super Mulcher “Deep” uses Blonxx tungsten carbide pics that are readily available from several sources, are long lasting and economical. Blonxx pics were developed decades ago for use in the underground mining industry, and are widely used today in rock mining and on asphalt & concrete stripping machines.

Blonx pics are the most economical type of wear parts for rock crushers at present.